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CPCS Card Training and Tests


Wyevern Plant in Chepstow England have been providing CPCS card training and testing for several years, we have our own training area which is ideal for those that need to complete the training and courses at a central location.

All operators of piling rigs should have the right training to ensure competency is achieved.
Piling Rigs

(A30) Piling Rig Tripod. (A45 and A46) Piling Rig Driven above and below 15 tonnes. (A47 and A48) Bored above and below 15 tonnes.


(A05) Dragline - To take the Dragline test you must have an in date Health and Safety certificate.

The forward tipping dumper truck CPCS training testing and cards to CITB standards.
FT Dumper

(A09A) Forward Tipping Dumper Wheeled and (A09B) Tracked.

CPCS forklift trauck to CAA CITB standards.

(A14) Rough Terrain Forklift. (A16) Industrial Forklift. (A15 Side Loader.

Our reach truck courses are delivered to CPS standards.
Reach Truck

(A18) Reach Truck - To apply for this test at the test centre you must have a current Health and Safety test (taken within last 2 years).

Crusher & Screener

(A42) Crusher. (A43) Screener - A valid Health and Safety test is required (taken within last 2 years).

Wyevern plant training to CPCS standards for concrete pumps.
Concrete Pumps

(A06) Concrete Pump - Truck Mounted Boom (A44) Concrete Pump - Trailer Mounted.

The excavator training includes 360 and 180, you will need a health and safety test certificate.

(A10) Excavator 180 Below 10 tonnes - (A12) Above 10 tonnes. (A58) 360 Excavator below 10 tonnes (A59) Above 10 tonnes.

We have a number of instructors to deliver telescopic handler training to gain CITB cards.
Telescopic Handler

(A17) Telescopic Handler all sizes and all endorsements.

The grader training to CITB and CPC standards can be taught at our test centre.
Graders Scrapers

(A19) Grader and (A24) Motorised Scraper training and CPCS testing.

These days companies should b ensuring that employees have a valid hoist cpcs certificate.

(A20) Hoist - to apply fr this CPCS card you must have an in date Health and Safety test (taken within last 2 years).

Te skid steer ticket can be taken if you have a valid health and safety tickets.
Skid Steer Loader

I(A23) Skid Steer Loader - to apply for this test yo must have a current Health and Safety test (within last 2 years)

Loading Shovels

(A21 and A22) Tracked and Wheeled Loading Shovels.

CPCS standards stipulate that all employees should have a valid health and safety test to take the card test.
Te mobile elevated training course can be delivered on-site.

(A25) Mobile Elevated Work Platforms Scissor. (A26) Boom all Endorsements. (A27) Mast Climber.


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