360 excavator training - CPCS card

(A58) EXCAVATOR 360 BELOW 10 TONNES ALL ENDORSEMENTS                                      


To apply for this test at the test centre you must have a current Health & Safety test (within the last 2 years) to be able to sit the tests.

Part One

 Is a professional discussion on a one to one basis. The CPCS Tester will read out a question and you must respond correctly. The pass mark is 80% and the duration of this test is 1 hour 15 minutes (maximum).

360 excavator CPCS cardPart Two

Is the practical element of the test. The test centre will supply the equipment and the  
training area, which will meet the CPCS criteria. You will be given instructions by the CPCS tester and you have a set time to complete the practical test.

Excavator 360 below 10 tonnes – 2 hours 15 minutes (maximum)
Excavator 360 above 10 tonnes – 2 hours 45 minutes (maximum)

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If you require any further information or costs for these tests please contact Wyevern Plant Training on 01291 625470. Also see 180 excavator training.